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MEGA2400 - Vehicle Remote Start Car Starter And Alarm Security System


MEGA2400 Picture


Two 5-button transmitters
Up to 1000 feet transmitting range
56Bit random code hopping system
Over 75 trillion codes available
Long range 433MHz
Superheterodyne (SAW) receiver
Anti-scan technology
Dual stage shock sensor
Status LED
Override/valet switch
Passive arming
Passive door lock
Ignition controlled door locks
Automatic rearm
Door lock/unlock outputs -/+
Starter disable output
Channel 3 trunk release
Channel 4 aux output (programmable)
2-step door unlock
Dome light output
Horn honk output
Anti-carjacking (3 modes programmable)
Instant ground trigger input (hood, trunk)
Positive door pin switch input
Negative door pin switch input
Chirps on or off
Automatic rearm
Door ajar warning
Door lock before start
Door lock after shut down
Double pulse unlock
3.5 second door lock (vacuum systems)
Car locator
Pathway illumination
Programmable siren output
Panic mode
Silent arm/disarm
Arm and delete sensor
Hidden alarm function
Noise abatement circuit
For automatic transmissions
electronic fuel injection gas and diesel engines
Tach or voltage sense start
3/24 hours auto start
5/10/20/30 minute run time
Turbo timer setting
Keyless engine running (pit stop)
Factory security disarm
Factory security rearm
Ground output while running
Ground output during start
Tach signal input
Instant start and turn off input
Neutral safety switch input
Remote start toggle switch input
Negative safety shut down input for hood pin switch
Positive safety shut down input for brake switch
5 relays on-board: starter, ignition 1, ignition 2, accessory, parking lights